Whistle Blower Petition is a collaboration between artists, Louise Dibben, and Dyana Gray.
Over the period of a month, participants will be invited back to our Melbourne studio to be filmed wolf whistling. We aim to film 100 men, and make approximately a 5 minute video.
The process of Whistle Blower Petition, is as important as the resulting video work. We have created this blog to document the project as it develops, to record participants on our tally, and provide information for people willing to be filmed.
Each participant, will be asked to give his name, and sign a petition after his wolf whistle is documented.

Whistle Blower Petition will be exhibited in November as part of the Women’s Salon 2011 at the Counihan Gallery.
This year’s exhibition marks the anniversary of a landmark event in Australian history – the centenary of women voting in the Victorian Legislative Assembly elections, which enabled women to run for public office. The official opening night coincides with the same date that one hundred years ago on 16 November 1911, women were given the opportunity to exercise their vote in Legislative Assembly elections for the first time.


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